Today`s dog training

We don`t want to have any perception on how you should train your dog, but if you want to train your dog free from the leash, there are not many options today that can prevent your dog from running away.

It`s a bit hard for dog owners to admit that they can`t trust the dog 100% when it`s free, but a dog is a dog, and the truth is that you simply can`t. There are hundreds of reason that your dog finds something more interesting than your treat or command!


The standard dog leash:

If you are glad in action sport like Frode, you have probably experience that the leash between you and your dog is quite dangerouse. Frode has got a permanent broken shoulder from cycling with the dog in a leash. Many dog behaves very well when they are free from the leash, but you might have 2% chances to hit something that your dog find more interesting than your command, so you simply can`t let the dog run free from the leash. How annoying is`t that!



The Long Line:

The very best way to train your dog free from the leash would be with a long line (how we also recommend all dog owner to start with), but a long line will always give a very limited free space for the dog, and as soon as the dogs is out of reach you don`t have any chance to stop them. The project with RELEASHE started when the inventor Frode Eldevik started mountain biking with a leash, and find that it was not a good idea. He tried on with a long leash not attached to the bike, but there are no chance stopping the dog from the bike when it sees a cheap/rabbit/reindeer.

A long line will always get stuck in the wood as well, and it can be quit dangerous for the dog when it get stock in great speed.

If you train with a long line: NEVER use a collar/necklace. Only harness! It can be very dangerous for your dog if it`s get up to speed and then get stopped by a collar. Research from Sweden shows that 75 % of active dogs had injuries in their neck because of collars/necklace.

The Shock Collar type: 

I’m tempted to let the image speak for itself, but luckily this is not the standard for this kind of training (at least in Norway). Shock Collar was never an option for Frode (the inventor) anyway, so when there are no option left at the marked, it`s best to find new ways.

The most important: Shock Collars, air, vibration and lemon scent does not give you any guarantee that the dog actually will stop when you using it. There are LOTS of examples on that.

We have heard so many examples where the dog has been a nervous wreck after using the Shock Collar. If you are not agree, you can try it for yourself for a day where a fried/spouse will train you in new disciplines without verbal communication!