Releashe©™ (early test serie) SOLD OUT!

Releashe©™ (early test serie) SOLD OUT!

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In 2017-2018 we take orders for a early test serie of the Releashe©™ Harness, and pre-orders when this serie is sold out.

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When we started the project we had in mind that a wireless dog leash that`s gives the dog 100% freedom in all movements, that did not hurt the dog, and was safe to use (that physically stops the dog from running away, compering to a shock collar that don`t). If we could find a solution on this; that had to be every dog owners dream! After more than 5 year in development it seems we have found a good solution. The Releashe©™ harness.

If you want to be one of the very first to use the Releashe©™ harness, save some money by order one of this early test series right now. When it starts selling in shops by the end of 2019 the price will be 4 950 Nkr (then with another custom fitted harness and CE approved electronics).

We have been testing Releashe©™ on more than 100 dogs now, and with a long term testing (over 1 year) on about 55 dogs with good result. Anyway, this means the this test series is in a early stage, and the dog owners need to have this in mind.

The early test series was unfortunately sold out by summer 2017, but if you are living in the area of Harstad (North of Norway), you are welcome to try one out for free.


We have the harness in Medium and Small, so make a note when you check out what size you want.

(In the early test serie our focus have not been on the appearance of the Releashe©™ Harness, just that the principle works! A better looking harness will come 2018).

The Medium size is for the dog at 40-70cm between the neck and butt, and 60-86cm over the chest.

The Small size: 32-42cm between the neck and the butt, and 47-67cm over the chest.

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