Our training center

Our training center
September 1, 2014 FrodeE
In Releashe

You are very welcome to stay at our training center in the beautiful part of Northern Norway. Here you can have a full introduction to get started with Releashe, and also become one certified Releashe instructor.

Bring your  hole family for a stay if you like, and we will find some trips that suits everyone.

Frode at Eldevik (CEO at Dog Activities AS) is also a instructor in Kiting and Climbing, and can give course in Lofoten as well. He also offer flying with tandem paraglider (see video below), moutain bike trips (full suspension), scubadiving trips to Lofoten, paintball, and other trips around the area!

Here is a video of what you can experience at the training center:)


The film below is taken by a close friend here in this area but it`s not Frode flying!

The office is laying within a very nice area at Hinnøya where it`s not far from Lofoten/Vesterålen (very popular tourist area). Frode also have a father that`s found in taking pictures (mostly from this area), and you can see them here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132381487@N03/page1

Some nice videos from Lofoten and our area:

Video below is from all over Norway, but mostly from North (at least in the end of the film):



Anne Semb (Frode Eldevik’s wife) won the Norwegian volunteer award in 2010 including the work being done in Fårebygget Training Centre (our training center). In the picture below she is getting flowers and a hug from the Norwegian Prime Minister (now CEO for NATO).

Dog Activities headquarter is in Fårebygget, where much of the volunteer efforts is going on. If you want to have a stay in our gallery/barn maybe you catch a good concert or exhibition 🙂

More info about the rooms here: https://www.airbnb.no/rooms/17916823?location=Borkenes&s=v3OBgrf-

The whole process was at least a great marketing for this wonderful village!

“Frode Eldevik`s wife getting the volunteer award 2010 from Norway`s Prime  Minister (now CEO for NATO)”

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