Releashe©™ for disabled people

Exercising the dog properly when sitting in a wheelchair can sometimes be a bit challenging.

A wheelchair user should have both hands on the wheel, and therefore a walk with the dog in a leash can be a challenge. The alternative is that the owner often mounts the leash to the wheelchair to be able to control the chair with both arms. If the dog then choose to run to the side or suddenly stops it can quickly go wrong.

The best is whether one can let the dog go free, but while having control and security that it does not run off if it does not obey verbal command. With the RELEASHE © ™ harness you get this possibilities.

By training in a safe environment where the dog will learn the consequences of RELEASHE © ™, the dog will quickly obey the “stay” and “stop” command other places. Tests have showed that the dog becomes a lot more obedient only wearing RELEASHE © ™ harness when he knows the impact

Many dog owners finds that a free dog (from the leash) often gets more exercises in 10 minutes, than a hour in leash.

RELEASHE© ™ can be your and your dog’s best friend!