Frode Eldevik

Frode Eldevik

Inventor / CEO / Industrial, web and grapich designer

Responsible for all development, graphic and webdesign on Releashe©™ (except electronics).

Frode Eldevik is a graduated Product/Industrial Designer and started Eldevik Industridesign (EID) in 2004 after been working as a teacher in Arts&Crafts / Media&Communication at High School.

EID was the first Norwegian company that start selling 3d-printers (and service them) directly from the factory in 2004, and has since then sold and trained a lots of big companies in Norway on 3d-technology. Invented the RELEASHE©™ in 2013 when he needed a way to prevent the dog running away if hitting a sheep when cycling in the mountain/woods. Started Dog Activities AS in 2014 as a subsidiary of EID.

All developing on RELEASHE©™ including hundres of prototyes, the grapichs (including this webpage), and sewing have been made by Eldevik Industridesign AS (!

He also own a 3D-training & Innovation centre  (see picture below)