How it works


When you push the button on your remote control, the RELEASHE©™ motor at the dogs chest will gradually retract the lines that goes to the dog hind legs. Thus gradually decreasing the angle the dog can kick back, and therefore decreasing the force the dog needs to run makes it stops naturally. From the same controller you can release the lines again, and then the dog is 100% free to move, run and play with other dogs. When activated, the dog can still move a bit but not run.

RELEASHE©™ makes the dog stop running like the dog itself would have done, is just that RELEASHE©™ puts the control in your hands.By this, it`s a more gentle way to stop the dog than in a collar.

REMEMBER when you start using RELEASHE©™ that you always use the “stay” or “stop” command before activate it. This is the best way for your dog to learn not to run away!

RELEASHE©™ is a training device and should ONLY be used in safe environment in a open landscape, where you have eye contact with your dog all the way!

Releashe©™ -The wireless dog leash,  has been tested on more than 100 dogs with great result by January 2019. Over 50 have been testing Releashe©™ by 2 year now.  


Releashe©™ - On Raudmoldheia

The video below is absolutely NOT the way Releashe©™ is ment to be used, but since it`s so hard to film the principle under normal condition we take a chance to show you this one. Remember ALWAYS hook your dog in the standard leash as soon as you see other animals.

Our dog normally behave very well, the only exceptions are when he sees reindeer, sheeps and rabbits. Then we can`t controll him. In this case Uno (our dog) would have been gone long ago if it had not been for wearing the Releashe©™ harness (100% guaranteed). He just behaves so much better only wearing the Releashe harness, but when I start running he can`t keep back anymore.

Anne and Uno testing Releashe©™