Releashe Harness PRO©™ Test serie (SOLD OUT)

Releashe Harness PRO©™ Test serie (SOLD OUT)

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Same as the Releashe©™ Standard harness, but the PRO has added a GPS-tracker, are 100% waterproof, and comes with cleavage (pockets).

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When we started the project we had in mind that a wireless dog leash that`s gives the dog 100% freedom in all movements, that did not hurt the dog, and was safe to use (that physically stops the dog from running away, compering to a shock collar that don`t). If we could find a solution on this; that had to be every dog owners dream! After more than 5 year in development it seems we have found a good solution. The Releashe©™ harness.

The Releashe©™ PRO add an extra safety (compering to the Standard Releashe) by adding a GPS-module, and it also makes the trip a bit more comfy by adding pockets for your packed lunches. It`s also 100% waterproof in case you have a dog that likes water.

We have the harness in Medium and Small, so make a note when you check out what size you want.

The Medium size is for the dog at 40-70cm between the neck and butt, and 60-86cm over the chest.

The Small size: 32-42cm between the neck and the butt, and 47-67cm over the ches